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Owner - Thomas Myers

Storm Damage Expert

 Graduate of Ball State University with a Business Degree in 1978

 20 years in the insurance industry, including 10 years as an agency owner.
 Has helped 1000’s of homeowners since 1997 on storm damage.

 *  Featured in the nationwide register “Who’s Who” in Executives and

    Businesses (2002 Edition)

*  Checks all jobs from start to finish

*  Active member in his church

*  Wife, 4 children and 6 grandchildren

*  Indianapolis resident since 1978

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All Stars

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One of the best ways to learn about any business to to find out how they have treated their past clients.  Our clients are so appreciative of the work we do and how we do it that many offer to provide a reference to their neighbors and family. In fact, a company that does not provide unique client testimonials can be indicative of a low-quality business. At All Star Roof, Siding & More, Inc we have been given outstanding testimonials from several of our past clients. Commercial businesses and homeowners alike have all sought the full services of our contractors for professional roofing and exterior expertise, and we have delivered a 5 star experience. In return, they have expressed their satisfaction and commitment to All Star Roof, Siding & More, Inc. From one client to the next, our testimonials are glowing, and they genuinely reflect the service you will receive when working with our All Star team. Please watch the video testimonials to listen to the experience you deserve when working with All Star Roof, Siding & More, Inc.


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